Thursday, February 27, 2014

#VizYourLife: Moving to San Francisco

Not that anyone's holding their breath, but it's been over a month since I posted any content on my blog.  In that time, I did the following

  • Said goodbye to the city I've lived in for 28 years (minus college)
  • Packed up almost of my belongings that would fit into my car.
  • Drove across the country to San Francisco
  • Started working the day after I've arrived
  • Slept or looked for an apartment nearly every minute I haven't been working
So needless to say I have been very busy, or just exhausted enough that I've put the blog on the back burner. 

However, here are some viz's based on my last month.

This is my 3 (really 4) day drive from Chicago to the Bay, stopping Nebraska, Utah, and Sacramento
California is currently experiencing a crazy drought, though it was down pouring when I got into Tahoe
Chicago has more negative equity...
...and SF is just insanely expensive.

Chicago real estate is in higher foreclosure, California real estate is just insanely expensive.

And while Chicagoans are very proud of their food, San Francisco is not as hippie-dippie vegan/vegetarian as people seem to think they are.

Pizza, hot dogs, chili...yeah that sounds right
A burger right off the bat, follow by a Cioppino, which looks like an awesome seafood dish.

In short, sorry for the delays.  I'm still getting settled but I'm so glad to be out in the Bay and looking forward to blogging and meeting up with Tableau users.  

Take care, everyone.